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  • The overall objective of this Self-Learning Tools on
    " Vibration analysis level 1, Basics of vibration & preliminary analysis" is to explain types of maintenance with a specific focus on the importance of vibration in machine health assessment. The various vibration characteristics, types of instruments, types of  transducers used for machine fault diagnostics & brief description about various machinery problems are also broadly  described in this SLT.  Practical tips, case studies, dos and donts & exercises are the highlights of this SLT.

  • In our SLT titled “Vibration analysis, level 1”, we have discussed the characteristics of vibration, vibration transducers, types of analysers, ISO standards and also the analysis using simple vibration meter. In this SLT, we are covering the major machinery problems common for all the industrial equipments.  We also cover the spectrum & phase characteristics of each problem and how to detect them using vibration analysis

    • The purpose of diagnostics is
    • To pinpoint the machinery defects.
    • To assess the severity of individual defects.
    • To plan the implementation of exact  corrective  actions..
  • In this SLT, we are dealing with types and parts of industrial fans, vibration analysis of major problems that can occur in the process fans and case study of a pulley driven fan mounted on vibro dampers.
    Dos & donts and practical tips on condition monitoring are also covered in this SLT.
    Note: This SLT is meant for engineers having basic knowledge of vibration analysis. Basics of vibration & diagnostics are covered in detail in SLT 1 & 2.

  • Effective vibration analysis in a cement plant is very complex because

    • The equipments are a combination of slow speed, medium speed and high speed categories.
    • The types and varieties of machines may vary.
    • High levels of diagnostic accuracy are expected from vibration analysis, because of the non availability of stand-by equipments and the need for continuous & trouble free operation of all the critical equipments.

    In this SLT, we are covering the major machinery problems common for all the cement plant equipments and also covering the spectrum & phase characteristics of each problems and how to detect them using vibration analysis.

  • Unbalance has been identified as one of the most common causes of machinery vibration, present to some degree on all rotating machines. Problems in rotary machines like misalignment, looseness and electrical problems have already drawn sufficient attention during the regular course of maintenance activities. However, correcting unbalance and effectively applying suitable techniques requires additional knowledge and under standing.
    In this course, we are covering the following aspects of unbalance

    • Measuring unbalance
    • Types of unbalance
    • Identification of unbalance
    • Balancing procedures
  • The overall objective of this SLT is to give an insite on bearing basics, which will focus on bearing terminology, dimensions, tolerances, clearances, materials, designations, types of bearings, designs, load factors, bearings size, application, lubrication, mounting & dismounting. This SLT also has exercises to gauge your understanding about the basics of rolling element bearings.

  • Around 16% of all premature bearing failures are caused by poor fitting, usually using brute force, and being unaware of the availability of the correct mounting tools and methods. Individual installations may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic application methods for correct and efficient mounting. So this SLT has dealt in-depth about professional fitting, using specialized tools and techniques to achieve maximum machine uptime.

  • Dismounting bearings can cause damage to both the bearings and associated components, such as shafts, if incorrect tools and techniques are used. When shafts and bearings are damaged during bearing dismounting, there is often a cost penalty in both time and materials. In addition, the use of the wrong tools and techniques for dismounting can be hazardous to the operator, especially due to the high forces involved.

  • Rolling element bearings are designed to have a long and useful life. Assuming the application is correct to begin with, maximizing longevity means bearings must be properly installed, lubricated and maintained. Poor operating environments, particularly moist or contaminated areas and improper handling practices invite premature bearing failure. Condition monitoring of rolling element bearings using vibration analysis can prevent majority of problems and failures in rolling element bearings.

  • Plain bearings are the predominant choice for bearings used to position the rotors of high power turbo machinery, ship propulsion machinery and other equipment where reliability as well as life is particularly important.
    This SLT contains the selection, operation and performance characteristics of plain bearings including vibration analysis and diagnostic studies on common vibration problems that can occur in plain bearings. A case study on a turbine generator set is also discussed in this SLT.

  • Vibration analysis is one of the best methods to diagnose all types of defects and inaccuracies in electrical machines. Electrical machines will be subjected to all inaccuracies like any mechanical equipment. In addition, these machines shall be subjected to all types of electrical inaccuracies also. Therefore, the vibration analysis of electrical machines is much more complex than mechanical equipments.
    Vibration analysis to identify mechanical defects is separately covered in our earlier SLTs and the same methodology shall be equally applicable on electrical machines such as motors, generators etc.
    This SLT's covers the "Vibration analysis and Diagnostic studies of electrical machines" such as motor, generators etc.

  • Pumps are one of the most important machineries in any industry.  They are used to move fluids in an efficient way from the source to any required destination.  In this SLT, we are going to

    • Demonstrate the operation of various types of pumps.
    • Understand the operating characteristics of pumps.
    • Understand efficient operation and maintenance procedures of pumps.
    • Demonstrate correct setting of parameters to achieve trouble-free operation of fluxo pumps and also to diagnose the problem through vibration analysis in circulating water pump.
  • The overall objective of this SLT is to give you a insight on Material handling equipments like Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Deep Bucket Elevators, Drag chain Conveyors, Screw Conveyors. SLT also explains about the types, specifications, advantages, functions, components, trouble shooting, causes and defects of material handling systems.

  • Every mechanical system has a series of natural frequencies, each of which has its own damping characteristics.  The natural frequency/frequencies will lie “dominant” in a system until they are excited by some external influence or forcing function.  The vibration can be greatly amplified if a forcing function, such as unbalance, misalignment or a blade pass frequency happens to be within the range of a natural frequency.  When such forcing frequencies coincide with or nearer to a natural frequency this phenomenon is known as "Resonance".  This SLT covers the "Analysis of resonance and Critical speed problems".

  • In this SLT we are covering in detail about the solution for high vibration due to resonance by using dynamic analysis. We are covering the basics of finite element analysis, terminologies, dynamic analysis methodology and analysis.

    Note: Refer our SLT on “Analysis of resonance related problems” for more details related to resonance and its harmful effects.

  • "Alignment procedure and care for bearings" has been organized with the basic purpose of reviewing the 'state of the art' and to understand the basic theory behind this subject of 'alignment' with which we are all familiar in our day to day activities in industrial life.

  • In this SLT, We are covering the major machinery problems common for all the sugar plant equipments and also covering the spectrum & phase characteristics of each problems and how to detect them using vibration analysis

  • The overall objective of this SLT is to give a brief introduction about operations, equipments, sections and diagnostics of thermal power plant. It also deals in detail about the vibration analyis of critical equipments in thermal power plant. The do's and donts, practical tips and execises in this SLT helps the reader to equip better for diagnostics of thermal power plant equipments.

  • Lubricant is the life-blood of machinery and analysis of it on a routine basis will similarly reveal a great deal of information about machineries health.  Lubricant analysis with vibration monitoring is an indispensable and valuable predictive maintenance tool in industry.  Lubricant analysis plays an important role in the testing and startup of new machinery.  Periodic lubricant analysis is very important.

    Lubricant analysis involves sampling and analyzing oil/grease for various properties and materials to monitor wear and contamination in an engine, transmission or hydraulic system. Sampling and analyzing on a regular basis establishes a baseline of normal wear and can help to indicate when abnormal wear or contamination is occurring.

    A properly designed lubricant analysis program not only indicates the condition of the equipment, but also gives the service life of the lubricant under specific operating conditions.

  • Condition monitoring & vibration analysis in oil exploration was a significant maintenance startegy adopted. Critical equipments like draw works, super chargers, mum pumps, desander pumps, mud hoopper pumps, DG sets were periodically monitored on a continuous basis as a part of total prdictive maintenance to achieve maximum production and minimum downtims

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